Wire & Steel Products

georgantasGEORGANTAS Bros Ltd was founded in 1928 and has established a strong position in the greek market of wire and steel products.

Our warehouses can take up to 6000 tns and are placed in Magoula of Attica (Athens), strategically located near the national roads to south, central and north Greece and close to Piraeus and Elefsis port.

The range of our products includes:

  • Galvanized pipes
    Galvanized pipes
  • Equal steel angles
    Equal steel angles
  • Metal sheets
    Metal sheets
  • Hollow sections
    Hollow sections
  • Hollow structural sections
    Hollow structural sections
  • Wire rods
    Wire rods
  • Concrete reinforcing steel
    Concrete reinforcing steel
  • Structural mesh
    Structural mesh
  • Reinforcement mesh
    Reinforcement mesh
  • Wire nails - Concrete nails
    Wire nails - Concrete nails
  • Drawn wire
    Drawn wire
  • Wires in straight cut lengths
    Wires in straight cut lengths
  • Black annealed wire
    Black annealed wire
  • Baling wire
    Baling wire
  • Baler twine & Net wrap
    Baler twine & Net wrap
  • Galvanized wire
    Galvanized wire
  • Galvanized wire in 2 kg
    Galvanized wire in 2 kg
  • Plastic coated wire (PVC)
    Plastic coated wire (PVC)
  • Razor wires
    Razor wires
  • Barbed wires
    Barbed wires
  • Chain link mesh
    Chain link mesh
  • Plastic coated chain-link mesh
    Plastic coated chain-link mesh
  • Welded wire nets for fencing
    Welded wire nets for fencing
  • Welded wire nets for cages
    Welded wire nets for cages
  • Hexagonal wire mesh
    Hexagonal wire mesh
  • Welded wire nets 5x10
    Welded wire nets 5x10
  • Heavy type wire nets
    Heavy type wire nets
  • Rock-fall mesh - wire baskets (gabions)
    Rock-fall mesh - wire baskets (gabions)
  • Woven wire mesh
    Woven wire mesh
  • Gratings for fencing
    Gratings for fencing
  • Double loop tie wires
    Double loop tie wires
  • Stainless steel wire
    Stainless steel wire
  • Coils & sheets
    Coils & sheets

The target of our company:

  • Products of high quality
  • Adequate stocks of products
  • All products ISO certified
  • Competitive prices
  • To build cooperations with clients
  • Direct and quick communication with our clients
  • Quick loading of the products